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Why are most of the TV remote control silicone buttons?

editor:sukia │ Time:2017-04-12 09:18 

One market factor:

Before the "smart TV remote control", basically just TV accessories, TV in the "big (screen) thin (thickness) (multi function)" trend of development, rarely take the remote control as a selling point, especially in the domestic appliance market competition, profits thin, most manufacturers the lowest cost to achieve it leading products, monotonous. Specific to why silica gel buttons? Mainly cost-effective.

Two product factors:

1 early TV era of functional machine, the product function is very complicated, many keys and palm so big, to ensure the single hand operation and result in remote ages, dense (usually 20~30) button and small convex button layout. In order to ensure that the handle and tactile feedback, a single key to maintain a certain gap and height

Such a product form leads to less technical choices.

2 TV sets are consumer durable goods, remote control as standard durability requirements of the material is high, I use NOKIA mobile phone keyboard keyboard three years wear paint, but also affect the remote home with a seven or eight year key. Therefore, the structure is simple, stable quality, low maintenance rate is also a major reason.

Answer the question mentioned in the main phone (volume, the input method is similar), referring to several commonly used buttons form, a simple comparison of their advantages and disadvantages as a remote control:

Thin film keys: operation feedback is weak, the blind press is easy to operate, the cost is higher...

P+R button: material, equipment, high cost, complex structure, process, durability instability...

Silicone buttons: integrated molding, materials, assembly costs low, good durability...

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