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Oh my god!! Contact lenses are also silicone products, do

editor:sukia │ Time:2017-04-12 09:16 


Now a lot of bad eyesight who abandoned the frame type glasses choose to wear contact lenses, contact lenses, they do not know what is the material, so that for them, it is difficult to distinguish the quality of maintenance and the use of contact lenses. In fact, the contact lens is silicone products, is a special silicone products. May be a lot of people do not believe, the following by our Huizhou silicone rubber products Co., Ltd. for you to uncover the mysterious veil of contact lenses.

The raw materials currently available contact lenses for silicon rubber products, silicone soft contact lenses and glasses, making process by molding, after turning, ultrasonic polishing precision machining, smooth surface, low contrast visual acuity, spherical lens, vision is more stable and clear. In order to prove that contact lenses are silicone products we prepare two experiments:

One, the water boiling state, contact lenses a few seconds with steam, contact lenses edge began to curl up, but there will be no signs of melting, slightly hardened after cooling, put in the nursing liquid soak a few seconds, will find that contact lenses will restore the original state. And this is precisely the good stretch of silicone products.

Two, the anti burn in the flame contact lenses, lens will be curled up hard, slowly get out of the light blue flame, then start burning lens. After burning, the rest is gray dust, the gray matter in the silicon dioxide, which is the same as the silica gel products produced after combustion is the same

As one of the thirteen years of experience in the silica gel industry veteran silica gel factory, today's small series from the silica gel products to provide you with the following recommendations to facilitate the purchase and use of contact lenses:

1, although the high melting point of contact lenses, but if the direct contact with the fire source is easy to change. Especially in high temperature dehydration environment faster, so we need to keep away from the contact lens fire

2, buy contact lenses should pay attention to eye health. In accordance with the instructions or the use of professional guidance for daily wear, to avoid the occurrence of red glasses, tingling, foreign body sensation, etc.

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