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Analysis on the phenomenon of silica gel products industry

editor:admin │ Time:2017-04-12 09:15 


Silicone products after several years of rapid development, has penetrated into all areas of our lives, in Europe and the United States and other countries to use more widely, silicone kitchen, silicone sets, silicone jewelry are sold well. But in the domestic silica gel products business seems not so good.

First of all, silicone products price already very low, but the single amount is not stable, the main or customers are not willing to die, for now on the market a product directly, so that the mold factory will have a stable source, and there will be time to come order customers. I will be very busy, and those who do not now die factory is very bleak.

Secondly, most of the customers will do better than cooked, as long as you meet the period there is no major quality problems, the customer would have been, and reputation is very important, if you have good quality, reasonable price, prompt delivery, customers will introduce new customers to come in, this will lead to some kind of silicone products manufacturers do goods do not come, some manufacturers of the silicone products desolate.

Finally, localization of silica gel products factory is also very important, if you locate the R & D and sales of silicone rubber products factory, you must maintain the market observation and clients to develop highly sensitive super potential, always let you of the silicone products at the forefront, so the price and sales volume will far exceed those manufacturers only copy the. But if you are positioned to map the sample processing of silica gel products factory, then improve your quality, reduce your cost, improve your after-sales service, for some big brand OEM is also possible.

Full of silicone rubber products Co. Ltd. is a company plans to sample processing of large silicon rubber products factory, to the quality of customer service, to provide more efficiency and lower costs, better support for customers, making their successful cooperation with many well-known Brand Company, processing all types of mobile phone shell, silica gel silica gel, silica gel set smart watches with perfume silicone sleeve, silicone keypad, sound, factory monthly shipments of 20 tons or more. Although the market is not very optimistic, but the volume of business is steadily rising......

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